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The Penny Harvest is an opportunity for our school to raise money for and provide awareness of community and global issues.  Students are given sacks to collect as many pennies as they can, and then combine those pennies with those of their classmates.  Our school has a goal set for at least 50 sacks of pennies to be collected (which equals 1,500 pounds of pennies, and over $2,000!).  The classes that bring in the most pennies work together to create a service-learning project in which they can donate the money collected.  They also receive a pizza party to celebrate their giving!

Projects in the past include shopping for a food pantry, organizing pet supplies for a local animal shelter and donating money to schools in Haiti and Zimbabwe.  The classes are currently participating in a competition to bring in the most pennies, and you will soon see the results when we begin our weekly weigh-in of pennies and chart them on the graph across from the main office.   The Harvest runs until after Thanksgiving.

Last year, our school was named a Penny Harvest School of Excellence, and we raised approximately $2,500.

How can you help?

*Help your child sort pennies from change jars or around the house
*Inform neighbors and ask them to donate their pennies
*Keep a jar at work to help collect pennies from your co-workers (here’s a sign for your jar: THE PENNY HARVEST Jar Sign 2014-2015)
*Remind students that the pennies they collect with help other people/places in need
*Bring in your change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars will do!)

For more information, please email Melinda Fought at msfought@gmail.com (5th grade teacher) or visit http://commoncents.org/go/penny-harvest/about-the-penny-harvest

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Dear PS 154 Families: 

Our In-House School Lunch Program is at Risk.

As parents who, like you, are committed to guiding our kids to make healthy life choices, we’re writing to let you know that our school lunch program is at a roadblock and to request your immediate help to keep us on the right track.

154’S “HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE” MENU: Two years ago, we switched to DOE’s “healthy alternative” menu, which means less-processed foods. We’re also lucky to have a salad bar (included in the $1.75 lunch fee) that Chef Jen lovingly maintains – did you get a chance to sample her tasty kale or tomato salad at the Boo Bash?? These menus represent DOE’s commitment to provide balanced meals that meet a defined set of both City and Federal nutrition standards. Unfortunately, low lunch participation places 154 at IMMEDIATE risk of losing our in-house prepared menu and salad bar and reverting pre-assembled lunches that are trucked in.

154 NUMBERS: Currently, an average of 70-80 kids per day have school lunch at 154. If we want to keep an in-house lunch program, we must average 120/day. So, we need an average of 30-40 more kids/day to buy lunch starting IMMEDIATELY. This does NOT mean we’re asking everyone to choose school lunch every day – if enough families take advantage of school lunch on a regular basis, or even once in a while, we can attain the 120/day mark. We challenge parents currently NOT buying school lunch to sit down with your kids at the beginning of each week and pick 1 day to buy lunch. (For now, the menu is found in the “Students” section of www.ps154.org. We also invite you to set up an account at www.mylunchmoney.com – it’s easy!)

IMPACT TO EVERYONE: Even if your kids don’t choose school lunch, this change impacts all of us because the quality of our lunch (and breakfast) program is one of many elements that define the quality of our institution. Most profoundly, for those families who depend on the lunch program, the menu impacts their children’s daily nutrition. For other families, it means losing the possibility of a healthy alternative for those tough mornings when having the option of a wholesome school lunch can make the difference in getting the crew out the door.

OTHER SCHOOL-WIDE EFFORTS: We realize this letter may raise some questions – please know that we are working through some of those questions already. The November 7 Family Friday will focus on healthy food choices. This is part of a broader systematic effort to sustain our culture of health and wellbeing, including: our in classroom exercise program-“Move to Improve,” the Garden Committee and its fabulous Harvest Days, Big Apple Crunch, Mrs. Moore’s work in inspiring our kids to live healthily, and PTA-run fitness programs for grown-ups.

HAVE YOU MET CHEF JENN? For new and old parents who haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Chef Jenn, please take a moment after drop-off one day soon and introduce yourself. She’s an important part of your children’s days! You can also meet Chef Jenn by volunteering to help at lunch. Contact our Parent Coordinator, Debby Wattenbarger at dwattenbarger@schools.nyc.gov for more information on volunteering.


PS 154’s School Leadership Team (SLT)


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Friday, October 24th  
Big Apple Crunch – bring in your apples to crunch at lunch!

Big Apple Crunch 2014

Sunday, November 2nd  
Pilates – Adults only – 10:30 in the MMR

Tuesday, November 4th  
Election Day – No school for Students

Friday, November 7th
Family Friday – 8:35am

Looking ahead… Parent Teacher Conferences are November 13th in the afternoon and evening.  This is a ½ day for students.  Your teachers will contact you to request an appointment time slot.


Keep up to date: http://ps154.org/calendar/

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Two more things to look forward too…

Friday, October 24, 2014

Big Apple Crunch 2014

Class parents will be asked to coordinate with their families to bring apples in for each class.  More information to follow.

Fall 2014 Chancellor’s Parent Conference Series

(All Chancellor’s Parent Conferences to be held at Tweed Courthouse in Manhattan)

Saturday, November 1, 2014
Elementary School Parents|Register here.

Saturday, November 15, 2014
High School Parents| Register here.

Saturday, December 6, 2014
Middle School Parents| Register here.

Topics Include:

  • Special Keynote Address by Chancellor Farina.
  • The IEP Process Step-by-Step
  • Bullying: What to Look For, What to Know, What to Say
  • Activities that Parent Can Do at Home with Their Pre-K Children
  • Help Your Teen Organize and Prioritize
  • Managing Teen Stress
  • Get the Most Out of Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Calling All Parents: How to Organize and Advocate for Yourself and Your Child
  • Reading with Your Children
  • Getting the Most from Museum Visits
  • Bilingual Education for Elementary School Students
  • College for English Language Learners

Posted on October 15, 2014 : News

Thursday, October 16th
Middle School Parent to Parent Meeting – 6:30pm in the MMR

Friday, October 17th
Garden Harvest in the School Yard - 2:40pm

Saturday, October 18th
Boo Bash- 4pm to 7pm

Tuesday, October 21st
2nd – 5th Grade Armory Visit
We need volunteers.  Email Ms. Moore if you can help: jmoorek101@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 22nd  
Picture Day!

Keep up to date: http://ps154.org/calendar/

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